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Before you Post your Announcement

Q: How much do your job announcement posting services cost?

A: Depending on the number of openings you anticipate, you can save significantly if you choose a multiple job package.
View our current pricing sheet here.

Q: What is your e-Flier?

A: Our e-Flier provides exposure to a targeted audience. This exposure is repeated during the posting term because our e-Fliers are sent out every 3-4 weeks. Our e-Flier sends our job announcements out to over 500,000 Deans, Department Heads and Faculty at top tier universities throughout the US and Canada. These are the individuals responsible for mentoring and advising Ph.D candidates as well as being the very people likely to assume those senior positions available. Jobs listed on our e-Flier receive roughly 30-40% more hits than they would if they were just viewable on the web alone. Think of our e-Flier as the difference between waiting for someone to come to see your advertisement vs. sending it out to them.

Q: How does compare with other online job posting sites?

A: is the only online site that provides web posting with a proprietary e-Mail database of over 1.2 million faculty and senior administration officials. This database enables us to rapidly and efficiently reach numerous applicants in targeted disciplines. Our online job postings are viewable for up to for 4 months - longer then any of our competitors. We also provide our clients with more posting options. See how we stack up!

Q: How many people visit your site?

A: Our web site receives over 500,000 views per month. However, our real reach is through our e-Flier program, which reaches an additional 1.2 million people per month. This program puts your job announcement directly in the hands of those responsible for mentoring and advising Ph.D students. These are also the people who are the likely candidates for our more senior job postings. And because our e-Fliers are targeted by discipline, your job announcements reach people who find them relevant.

Q: I'm not sure which posting package is right for my particular situation. How do I decide?

A: The more postings you have, the less expensive they are on a per job basis. If you have at least two jobs to post right now, your best value is to purchase the 3-job or 5-job package, which allows you to post the remaining jobs at any point in the future. There is no expiration on when you must post the rest of the jobs. This brings your per job price down considerably. Those departments or institutions that anticipate a number of openings greater than 5 should consider the unlimited job packages offered. All packages are clearly explained on our Post Options page. If you need help choosing, feel free to contact us, and we'd be happy to discuss the various options with you.

Q: Do you accept purchase orders as payment for online advertising / posting of job announcements?

A: Yes, we take purchase orders and checks or wire transfers. We also accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. If you wish to pay by credit card, please call us at (860) 429-0218 during normal business hours with your invoice number and credit card information.

Q: Do I have to enter the job information myself, or can I email an attachment and have you post it for me?

A: We require all customers to input their announcements directly on our web site. We have made the process extremely simple, and in most cases, it takes only 5 minutes. This ensures that your job is posted exactly the way you'd want to see it. You can even view what the job will look like on our site before it goes live so you can make additional edits, if necessary.

Q: Is there a way to save a new job listing as I am working on them? I have had to restart each time I leave the site.

A: Unfortunately, the job is not saved in our records until you submit the job information and fill in your client data. The best way to avoid problems is to have the job description and other major text ready to copy and paste into our form fields. Once you have entered the job (and your client data), you can always log in with your Username and Password and edit and make changes as necessary.

Q: How soon after I create my job announcement will it be posted?

A: If the information submitted is accurate and complete, the job will be most likely posted within hours of the submission but at most within two working days.

Q: Can the posting time be extended?

A: Yes. In addition to editing an existing job description, you can extend the time that a job is posted on our site. After logging in with your client username and password, select "My Account" in the upper right hand corner. You will be presented with a list of your active jobs. One of the options allows you to request that a job posting be extended. Selecting this option will present the details of that job and the posting expiration date. You can then select an option to continue posting the job announcement for an additional four months. Once renewed, the job will be viewable on our site. You will be invoiced for the renewal option that you have selected.

Q: What date during the month is the e-Flier sent out?

A: There is no specific date that a particular e-Flier is sent. Rather, they are sent out on roughly a three-week schedule. The frequency depends on the number of new job announcements received in those disciplines that the jobs are currently grouped. If we have a large number of new announcements, we try to send the e-Fliers more frequently. In some disciplines, we may actually have e-Fliers sent out every two weeks.







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