Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Who can post information about conferences, short courses, exhibitions, etc.?

A: Anyone who has a event that is appropriate to Academia and that he/she would like to publicize may post information about the event.

Q: How can we add our 'News Item' to the discipline-specific home page?

A: To post a news event, go to the Home Page for your particular discipline; in the 'News Box' (in the center of the page), click on the link in the lower righthand corner that says 'Post News Item'. This will take you to a login page; follow the instructions on that page. Appropriate news items might include announcements about major capital improvements (new buildings), creation of a new department, major new initiatives, university wide events, etc.

Q: Can I add my own links to your pages?

A: Please e-mail us at with your request.